5 Handy Gadgets For Serious Travelers

  1. Airbag Backpack: Hiking up steep mountains or climbing up them is a dangerous hobby. Sometimes the safety precautions taken to prevent you from falling fail and then you can end up being seriously injured or even dead. Wearing a backpack with an airbag system can save your life on impact. They can also help you survive an avalanche since the airbags will help you rise to the top of the snow.

  1. Portable Routers: With this device you will be able to access the internet from any location in the world.
  2. Solar Powered Light: Solar power is the eco-friendly choice for travelers and non-travelers alike. This light is especially useful for travelers since they might find themselves in locations where they do not have alternative sources of lighting. It’s a great investment for everybody in general since you never know when the power might go out.
  3. Folding Sled: Sledding is a fun hobby for those who love the snow, but taking the sled with you can become a chore since it is so big. That’s why having a sled that can fold is very useful. It can be folded to become compact and easily stored.
  4. Female Urination Device: Travelling in a place that doesn’t have readily available bathrooms is far from a glamorous experience and if you like travelling less explored paths you’ll definitely have to follow the call of nature without a bathroom at some point. For women, this is extra tricky. Luckily there are devices that have been designed to enable women to relieve themselves while standing up as well. This isn’t just for areas without bathrooms, but also for those places where the toilets seem less than sanitary. Now women can travel with just as much ease as men.
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